Rosemary plant

Rosemary plant

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The Rosemary plant is an edible perennial herb that adds pizazz to a wide variety of food from meat and fish to bread and vegetables. Rosemary is attractive and delightfully aromatic. This herb is incredibly low maintenance.

Once established Rosemary tolerates sandy, rocky, dry, and heat conditions and is pest, disease, and deer resistant! Yep, this little beauty is one tough plant! It even repels insects and so much more...

Rosemary is extremely low maintenance when grown in the proper climates (zones 8 to 11). This perennial grows in full to part sun and is adaptable to most well-draining soil. Rosemary is able to tolerate sandy, rocky, and dry conditions and is deer resistant. Once established this edible herb is extremely drought tolerant. Fertilize with our balanced, slow-release fertilizer in spring.

When growing Rosemary in pots it is much easier to overwater than underwater. Allow the soil to dry out before watering well. The most common cause of death in Rosemary plants is over-watering. They do not like wet feet. Feed with our special fertilizer a second time in early fall.

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