Shipping Policy

We're excited to bring sustainable products to your doorstep while ensuring a seamless shipping experience. We offer both domestic and international shipping options, striving to dispatch your orders promptly. Our shipping times may vary based on your location and the product's availability. We are committed to eco-conscious practices, and whenever possible, we use packaging materials that are environmentally friendly. You'll receive a confirmation email with tracking information as soon as your order is on its way. While we make every effort to meet estimated delivery times, please understand that actual delivery dates may occasionally vary due to factors beyond our control. Thank you for choosing EcofyMe for your sustainable lifestyle needs.

Plant Shipping Policy

We ship the largest plants we have. If your plant is bigger than the box they are meant to ship in we will bend the plant to make them fit. Within a week and proper sunlight, the plant will become straight again.

All of our packaging including the plastic bag, tape, and packing peanuts are compostable.

We Ship our plants on Monday and Wednesday only, to insure plants arrive well. We do not Ship to California or outside of the continental United States. If you wish to receive a plant in Puerto Rico or Hawaii, etc. please contact us and we will give you the correct shipping price.

We put great care into packing our plants to insure a healthy plant arrival, however sometimes the shipping company does not ship on time or damages the package. HERE IS WHAT YOU DO:
Take a picture of the damaged plant inside the open box on the day of arrival. We will not accept unpackaged plants (unless more than two are in the box) or images from a later date. We offer replacements or refunds ONLY if plants are dead (no green leaves) or did not arrive. For broken stems or wilted plants, please use the insurance claim connected to your tracking number that come along with the shipping as all our shipments are insured up to $100.