Edible Plants

Care Since 2010

We love providing education and edible landscaping installation. Quality plants and edible perennials provide a low maintenance way to eat from your front or backyard

Nature Power

Turn your hedge into a fedge (food hedge). Empower your family with food sovereignty. One papaya tree can save you hundreds on groceries. Think about it...

Eat from your garden

We have been installing edible gardens since 2010. You will love picking fresh, organic, vibrant food in the yard just feet away from your Kitchen. It never gets old.

Fruit Trees are our Specialty

“Permaculture or living sustainably and providing for our own needs has been a passion of mine for a long time. After a decade of teaching, I decided to open a nursery an offer ground covers, herbs, trees and more so people can do the same.“

Start your Garden Off right!

Commonly in Stock at our Nursery:

Banana Papaya, Figs, Dragonfruit vine, Mulberry, Tamarind and Jamaican Cherry ( cotton candy fruit) Trees, Jaboticaba,Monstera Deliciosa

Mangoes Trees 3-15gallon sizes – Carrie, Pickering, Rosie Gold, Nam Doc Mai, Dwarf Hawaiian,, Okrung, Valencia Pride, Sugar loaf, Mallika, Keitt, Tommy Atkins, Lemon Meringue, Kent, Fruit Cocktail, Jehanager, Malika, Peach Cobbler, Coconut Cream, Ice Cream, Valcarrie, Julie, Ataulfo (champaigne), Alphonso and more!

Avocado Trees - 3 -15 Gallon sizes

Russel, Super Hass, Florida Hass

StarFruit (Carambola) Tree, Hog Plum /Ciroella, Loquat, Sapodilla (Nisberry), Surinam Cherry, Sangri La Mulberry,  Canistel (yellow zapote) , Mamey Sapote, Longan, Navel Orange, Calamondins, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Key Lime, Passion Fruit, Barbados Cherry, Kumquat, Satsuma Tangerine, Cattley (Strawberry) Guava, Red and Purple Jaboticaba, Thai Jumbo dwarf Everbearing Mulberry, Lychee, Jackfruit, Coconut trees, Olive trees, Lime trees, cocktail citrus trees,


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